Eliminate Misconfigurations in Your SaaS Stack

Adaptive Shield is the SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) platform of choice to regain control over the company’s SaaS stack security.

Deep Visibility into SaaS Security Misconfigurations

Adaptive Shield equips CISOs and IT security teams with a solution that integrates with all the business-critical SaaS apps, interprets every security setting misconfiguration and gives full visibility and control in a single pane of glass.  The core of the solution is the detailed and granular security checks being continuously performed across the SaaS stack.

Flexible Architecture Built for Any Application

As a SaaS app that integrates with any SaaS app, Adaptive Shield can be live within minutes, delivering clear visibility into the whole SaaS ecosystem with a posture score per app.

Remediate SaaS Issues from Start to Finish

Continuously monitor and remediate SaaS misconfigurations automatically.
Not all SSPM solutions are created equal. Get the complete guide of what to look for along with the printable checklist here.
Access the 2022 Gartner Cool Vendors Application Security report.
This Survey Report  highlights CISOs' perspectives  and options regarding SaaS security and misconfigurations.

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