Arye Zacks

Sr. Technical Content Specialist
Arye takes complicated concepts and makes them easy to understand. A gifted storyteller with a marketing background dating back to the 90s, he knows how to engage readers with stories that address the challenges they face. Oh, and he is beloved for his skills on the grill and smoker.

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Arye Zacks

Why Do User Permissions Matter for SaaS Security?

User permissions are considered a headache to configure by both admins and users, but they remain crucial to protect organizations from both external attacks and internal data-sharing errors.

SaaS in the Real World: User Access After Downsizing

Over the last year, we’ve seen increasing evidence of an upcoming recession. While no one knows exactly what 2023 will bring to the labor market, organizations need to be prepared for potential downsizing.

SaaS in the Real World: M&A Due Diligence

As executives are planning an acquisition or divestiture within the next 12-18 months, M&A due diligence is key to business resurgence, strategic growth, and capability expansion. Unfortunately, one area that’s often overlooked during M&A due diligence is a target company’s SaaS landscape.
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