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Content Manager & Product Marketing
After completing her BA in Communications, Zehava began her career diving into the world of content writing. She recently joined Adaptive Shield as Content Manager bursting with ideas to create engaging discussion around SaaS security and the rapidly developing world of SSPM. Oh, and she does portrait drawings.

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Zehava Musahanov

Why High-Tech and Telecom Companies Struggle with SaaS Security

As SaaS adoption continues to grow in the business landscape, it brings emerging security challenges that high-tech and telecom companies must grapple with. 

Top 7 SaaS Security Activities at RSA 2023

The RSA conference is back for 2023 and there is a lot happening but only so many hours in the day. That's why we have gathered a list of the top 7 activities for the SaaS security aficionados to hit at RSA 2023. 

Top 4 SaaS Security Threats for 2023

This past year has seen its fair share of breaches, attacks, and leaks, forcing organizations to scramble to protect their SaaS stacks. With SaaS sprawl ever growing and becoming more complex, organizations can look to four areas within their SaaS environment to harden and secure. 

Webinar Spotlight: Pinpoint Your SaaS App Risks from Evaluation to Usage

A recap of a webinar with our CEO Maor Bin and Panorays's CTO Demi Ben Ari, where they discuss how to pinpoint your SaaS app risks from evaluation to usage.

Key Takeaways from Forrester’s Embrace A Paradigm Shift In SaaS Protection: SaaS Security Posture Management Report

Forrester interviews customers across different organizations who have implemented an SSPM solution Embrace A Paradigm Shift In SaaS Protection: SaaS Security Posture Management report. This blog will discuss the key takeaways from the report.

Use Case Series: Identity and Access Management Governance

Every SaaS app user and login is a potential threat, which is why identity and access management (IAM) is crucial for a strong SaaS security posture. However, it is IAM Governance that enables the security team to act upon arising issues by providing constant monitoring of the company’s SaaS Security posture as well as its implementation of access control. 

Webinar Spotlight: SaaS Security Trends, Challenges, and Solutions for 2022

The highlights from our SaaS Security Trends, Challenges and Solutions for 2022 webinar, led by our CEO Maor Bin and Okta VP of Strategy Stephen Lee.

Omdia’s On the Radar Report Covers Adaptive Shield's SSPM Solution

Adaptive Shield is officially On the Radar in Omdia's report for an innovative solution making a big impact in the SaaS security space. 

Best Practices for an SSPM Solution to Help You Secure Your SaaS App Stack

The SaaS app attack surface has widened and recent research shows that up to 63 percent of organizations have dealt with security incidents because of a SaaS misconfiguration. Here are some of the best practices for an SSPM solution to help you secure your SaaS app stack.

Manual vs. SSPM: Research on What Streamlines SaaS Security Detection & Remediation

When it comes to keeping SaaS stacks secure, IT and security teams need to be able to streamline detection and remediation of misconfigurations in order to best protect their SaaS stack from threats. However, while companies adopt more and more apps, their increase in SaaS security tools and staff has lagged behind, as found in the 2022 SaaS Security Survey Report. 

SSPM Solving the SaaS Security Challenge of “Too Much to Do, Too Little Time”

A recap of a webinar with our CEO, Maor Bin and Omdia Senior Principal Analyst, Rik Turner discussing how SSPM is solving the SaaS security challenge of "too much to do, too little time".
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