Data Inventory: Quantify Data Leakage Risk from Shared Files, Documents, and Other Resources

List public and externally shared files, repositories, boards, and more to identify resources that are at risk of unwanted exposure.

Data Inventory Top Use Cases

Saas Security

2023 SaaS to SaaS Access Report

Any app that can improve business operations is quickly added into the SaaS stack. However, employees don’t realize that this SaaS-to-SaaS connectivity, which typically takes place outside the view of the security team, significantly increases risk.In an effort to better understand this challenge, Adaptive Shield’s researchers analyzed anonymized data from hundreds of tenants to discover the current state of SaaS-to-SaaS access.

Saas Security

The Ultimate SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) Checklist 2024 Edition

If purchasing an SSPM solution is on your radar, here’s a checklist for what to look out for when evaluating the different options.

Saas Security

Think Before You Share the Link

Blurb: There are essentially two ways to share files and documents out of a SaaS application: Make the resource available to specific users or make it available to "anyone with a link".
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