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SaaS-to-SaaS Access and Discovery

Employees are frequently prompted to grant permission for one app to connect with another. By just clicking "accept," they grant permission to provide a new avenue for threat actors to gain access to valuable company data. Security teams need to be equipped to protect the business, yet still ensure that the employee maintains the functionality required to do their job.

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56% of organizations adopting SaaS apps state that their top concern is the lack of visibility into connected apps
2022 SaaS Security Survey Report by CSA

A flexible architecture built for easy & app agnostic integration

As a SaaS app that instantly connects with any SaaS app, Adaptive Shield enables companies to gain visibility into their SaaS estate, improve their SaaS security posture and reduce risk on the day of the integration.
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Device-to-SaaS Risk Management

While accessing a SaaS app via a mobile device helps boost productivity, it poses a high level of risk, especially when the device owner is a highly privileged user.
To remediate potential threats, security teams need to be able to correlate SaaS app users with their devices' hygiene for a holistic zero-trust approach.
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