SaaS Security Survey Report 2021

There is no question SaaS has now become the default system of record, and many companies have yet to update the way they monitor their business-critical apps.

To understand how teams are currently dealing with their SaaS security posture, and what their main concerns are in handling SaaS tools, we surveyed 300 InfoSecurity professionals from North America and Western Europe, in companies of 500+ employees. The survey was completed by an independent survey company in May 2021.

The 2021 SaaS Security Survey Report highlights new research and perspectives from today’s CISOs and security professionals as they reflect on their SaaS app estate this past year and share their planning for the coming year.

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Findings and insights include:

  • The challenges maintaining continuous SaaS security hygiene

  • A SaaS Security paradox where CISOs and security professionals report that as SaaS use grows, their security checks in fact lessen

  • Which areas the CISOs and security professionals plan to prioritize investments in the coming year

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Adaptive Shield provides misconfiguration and vulnerability management with deep visibility for a company’s SaaS security posture. With Adaptive Shield, security teams can easily see and fix configuration weaknesses quickly, ensuring compliance with company and industry standards. Adaptive Shield works with many Fortune 500 enterprises to help them gain control over their SaaS threat landscape. Our management team has vast experience in cybersecurity leadership, delivering cybersecurity solutions and cloud enterprise software. For more information, visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn.