Adaptive Shield Secures Strategic Investment from Blackstone

July 25, 2023

We're excited to announce a new investment from Blackstone Innovations Investments, Blackstone's strategic investment arm, bringing our total capital raised to $44M. This investment will be used to accelerate Adaptive Shield’s mission to protect companies as the number of SaaS applications used by enterprises has continued to grow rapidly. This growth is creating a new and complex mesh of business-critical applications that are increasingly being targeted by attackers.

“With Blackstone's support, we will continue our trajectory for growth and expansion while keeping up with the constantly evolving threats.” - Maor Bin, CEO and Co-founder of Adaptive Shield

“Thinking about where attackers are going next is key to growing a world-class cybersecurity program that protects our brand, reputation, investors, and intellectual property,” says Adam Fletcher, Chief Security Officer at Blackstone. “We have partnered with and are using Adaptive Shield to help us continuously monitor the security posture of business-critical SaaS applications used across Blackstone to further protect the firm from attackers. We believe in Adaptive Shield’s mission and are excited to support the company with our investment as they enter their next stage of growth.”

With Adaptive Shield, organizations can prevent, detect, and respond to identity-centric SaaS threats through Misconfiguration Management, SaaS-to-SaaS Access and Discovery, Identity & Access Governance, Device-to-SaaS User Risk Management, and Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR).

"Blackstone's investment demonstrates its success with our offering and underscores Adaptive Shield’s innovative capabilities as the only SaaS security platform to integrate with more than 130 applications that covers an expansive SaaS attack surface,” said Maor Bin, co-founder and CEO at Adaptive Shield. “With Blackstone's support, we will continue our trajectory for growth and expansion while keeping up with the constantly evolving threats.”

"At Blackstone, we have a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals advising hundreds of our portfolio companies to further strengthen the cyber defense across the entire Blackstone ecosystem,” says Adam Mattina, Deputy Chief Security Officer and Head of Portfolio Cybersecurity at Blackstone. “We view the SaaS ecosystem as one of the top emerging attack vectors today, and our usage and investment in Adaptive Shield is highly strategic for the broader Blackstone portfolio as we collectively strive to stay ahead of such threats.”

To learn more about Adaptive Shield’s different use cases, please visit the use cases overview page.

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Adaptive Shield Team
Adaptive Shield Team
Adaptive Shield Secures Strategic Investment from Blackstone
Businesses today run nearly every facet of their operations using a wide array of interconnected SaaS apps. Adaptive Shield’s team is here to keep you informed as well as help you secure your SaaS estate.
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