Okta: Top Security Use Cases

Okta adds authentication and authorization services to applications, helping organizations manage their employees’ access to applications and devices. Okta manages user access at every level of the organization.
How Adaptive Shield Helps Secure Okta
Okta’s robust security ensures secure delivery of its Identity Cloud and underlying infrastructure. However, its shared responsibility model requires users to configure their platform to meet company needs. 

Adaptive Shield keeps Okta’s IAM security tools working effectively by monitoring configurations and alerting security teams when configuration changes might compromise security.  

Threat Insight Settings

Report unrecognized activity from an account’s email activity and create an evolving list of IP addresses that exhibit suspicious behavior. You are also able to activate suspicious activity reporting.

Connected Apps Security

Reduce reliance on password-based authentication
  1. Implement role-based access control
  2. Enforce modern authentication protocols

Detect Active Users to Deprovision

Identify users who have been deprovisioned in Okta but retained local access to the different SaaS applications.

Saas Security

Adaptive Shield and Okta: Fortified SaaS Security and Identity and Access Management

Joint Offering Ensures That Authorized Users Can Safely Access Any SaaS App Without Exposing Companies to Unnecessary Risks

Saas Security

SaaS Security Trends, Challenges and Solutions for 2022

Join these two security experts as they discuss insights from the 2022 SaaS Security Survey Report, highlighting the classic challenges as well as the next trends, and the technology organizations can implement to secure their SaaS stack.
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