Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control (RBAC) bridges the gap between security teams and app owners by providing specific app access to app owners. App owners can see their SaaS applications and required security checks in order to achieve and maintain a high security posture.

Let’s Get Technical

  1. Scoped User – read-only access to their applications
  2. Scoped Admin – complete access to their applications in which they are able to manage security checks and entities as needed

Scoped User Benefits

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SaaS in the Real World: Who’s Responsible to Secure This Data

When SaaS apps first grew in popularity, it wasn't clear who was responsible for securing the data/ Nowadays, most security and IT teams are aware of the shared responsibility model, where the provider is responsible for the app and the organization is responsible for the data. The bigger question today is where does the data responsibility lies on the organization's side?

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Who Has Control: The SaaS App Admin Paradox

Security teams are responsible for securing the organizations' SaaS app stack but they can't execute this task without full control of the SaaS app of which up to 40% are owned by business departments.

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2022 SaaS Security Survey Report

This Survey Report  highlights CISOs' perspectives  and options regarding SaaS security and misconfigurations.