Measure SaaS Hygiene Against Compliance Standards

Many organizations are required to follow industry compliance standards, while other organizations develop their own set of standards. Adaptive Shield enables organizations to seamlessly measure compliance of their SaaS stack against industry standards and create a custom standard. 

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How to Apply NIST Principles to SaaS in 2023

NIST is considered a leading authority in the field of global cybersecurity standards. Understanding how to set these standards for your SaaS ecosystem security may be challenging but is crucial.

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How SSPM Simplifies Your SOC2 SaaS Security Posture Audit

If you're beginning or on a SOC2 audit journey, then read about how our SSMP solution can streamline the process and shorten the time it takes to pass a SOC2 audit successfully, fully covering your SaaS Security posture.

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Ensuring SaaS Security in ISO Compliance

Ensuring SaaS Security in ISO ComplianceThe International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets standards across various industries. ISO 27000:2018 and ISO 27001:2013 can be used to help build out a strong security posture. Read more to understand the two recent yet different versions of ISO compliance standards and how SSPM can help security teams ensure ISO compliance.
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