Our Mission

Our mission is to make it effortlessly simple for organizations to manage their SaaS app security.

Businesses today run nearly every facet of their operations using a wide array of interconnected cloud services. For example: Office365 for email. Salesforce for business development. NetSuite for finance. Zoom and Slack for collaboration. And the list goes on.

The problem is that even though SaaS providers have been improving their native security capabilities and controls, each has its own security model and settings. This makes maintaining a consistent policy across platforms, business units and user groups an uphill battle.

Adaptive Shield is our answer to this challenge - providing enterprises a continuous, automated solution and built-in knowledge base to not only make true native SaaS security possible - but to make it easier than ever.

The Team

The Adaptive Shield management team has vast experience in cybersecurity leadership, delivering military-grade cybersecurity solutions and cloud enterprise software.

Backed by:


Cloud Software Engineer

Take charge of fusing massive amounts of multi sourced data into a data pipeline by developing cloud integrations at large-scale, while working closely with the Product Research team.

Job Requirements:
* 2+ years of hands-on Python experience in a production environment
* Experience with consuming RESTful APIs
* Familiarity with HTML, Javascript and Beautifulsoup
* Ability to perform under stress, delegate and multi-task

* Hacker personality / Out of the box thinker / Scraper
* BSc in Computer Science or equivalent experience
* Experience with Selenium
* Experience with MongoDB
* Cyber security experience or orientation

Senior Python Developer

Manage complex async flows of data processing across all of the SaaS services out there. Join our cyber units alumni team, a funded early stage cyber security startup and take ownership on building the core product, design its architecture, features, and logic.

Job Requirements:
* Tech Unit Alumni or BSc in Computer Science
* Autodidact-problem-solver personality
* Willingness to take complex async problems and find a simple solution
* Ability to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system
* At least 3 years of Python experience

* Experience with MongoDB
* Cyber security experience or orientation


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