Video Blog: Why 3rd-Party Apps Are Taking Over Your SaaS Stack

September 20, 2023

The great thing about SaaS applications is that they are quick to install and ready from the start to get employees using them for their endless business needs. They easily integrate with third-party applications to increase functionality and make it easier for employees to get their job done. The downside, of course, is this integration creates a security risk for the SaaS stack and organization at large. 

What kinds of security risks? 

Dive into it with Eliana V. 

In this video, you’ve learned about the risks and realities that third-party apps pose to organizations as they expand the organization’s attack surface. There is an automated solution to identify connected apps, enabling the security team to minimize risks and mitigate threats. 

If you are interested in more SaaS security topics, check out the SaaS Security On Tap channel. 

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Adaptive Shield Team
Adaptive Shield Team
Video Blog: Why 3rd-Party Apps Are Taking Over Your SaaS Stack
Businesses today run nearly every facet of their operations using a wide array of interconnected SaaS apps. Adaptive Shield’s team is here to keep you informed as well as help you secure your SaaS estate.
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