Slack Integration Support

  • Login to your Adaptive Shield platform
  • Go to Integrations on the left side menu
  • Click on "+Add New Integration"
  • Select Slack
  • Fill Integration nickname/alias
  • Fill in an Owner username/password or use an idP
  • Approve Slack's OAuth application
  • Security Checks - Adaptive Shield has predefined security checks that constantly monitor Slack's settings to verify and alert when needed if a security control or configuration are drifted.
    Adaptive's platform has a detailed remediation plan for each of the security checks to guide the SecOps or platform owner on how to resolve a potential exposure.
  • User Inventory - Supervise the organization's workforce and review the security posture of every user, its privileged permissions, and roles.
  • Activity Monitor - A canonized digest of the event and activity log for both users and administrators.
  • Log in to your app directory []
  • Select Adaptive Shield from Apps
  • Navigate to Configuration tab
  • Click Remove App

For any question, troubleshoot, or technical support, our Support team is available with SLA of 24hrs -


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