Zoom Integration Support


  1. Login to your Adaptive Shield platform
  2. Go to Integrations on the left side menu
  3. Click on "+Add New Integration"
  4. Select Zoom
  5. Fill Integration nickname/alias
  6. Approve Zoom's OAuth application with read-only scopes
  7. Approve Zoom's OAuth application for remediation


Secuirty Checks

Adaptive Shield has predefined security checks that constantly monitor Zoom's settings to verify and alert when needed if a security control or configuration are drifted.
Adaptive's platform has a detailed remediation plan for each of the security checks to guide the SecOps or platform owner on how to resolve a potential exposure.

User inventory

Supervise the organization's workforce and review the security posture of every user, its privileged permissions, and roles.

Activity Monitor

A canonized digest of the event and activity log for both users and administrators.


  1. Log in to Zoom Marketplace
  2. Click on Manage on the top right corner
  3. Select Adaptive Shield from Installed Apps
  4. Click Uninstall


For any question, troubleshoot, or technical support, our Support team is available with SLA of 24hrs
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