Manage and Monitor SaaS Users

Stay on top of every internal and external user accessing the SaaS stack.
Security teams are able to manage access, permissions, admin activity monitoring, or any user-centric security aspect that poses a risk. 

Let’s Get Technical

Click on any user to see:
  1. Risk level associated with the user based on role and existing configurations
  2. Activated/deactivated users
  3. Dormant users
  4. Orphan users
  5. Privileged roles assigned to the user
  6. All apps user is connected to
  7. Failed security checks
  8. User devices being used
  9. Users with multiple login usernames (accounts)

How This Helps You

Saas Security

SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) as a Layer in Your Identity Fabric

The move to SaaS and other cloud tools has put an emphasis on Identity & Access Management (IAM), and the tools used to define IAM make up its identity fabric. Unfortunately, these tools are being pushed to their limits due to decentralized IT, evolving threats, and zero-trust tools. An SSPM solution helps add a layer to an organization's identity fabric by enabling continuous monitoring and suspicious behavior alerts.

Saas Security

Build a Stronger Identity and Access Governance Fabric

Implementing Identity & Access Management best practices are crucial to secure the SaaS environment. For example, validation of the user’s access control and authentication settings are important, in addition to validation of role-based access management as opposed to individual-based access and validation of access governance.

Saas Security

Use Case Series: Identity and Access Management Governance

When SaaS platforms ask for permissions' access, they are usually granted without a second thought, not realizing that these addition connections present more opportunities for bad actors to gain access to their company's data. Read all about the SaaS-to-SaaS connection process and how to combat its risks.
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