Data Inventory

Quantify Data Leakage Risk from Shared Files, Documents, and Other Resources

List public and externally shared files, repositories, boards, and more to identify resources that are at risk of unwanted exposure.

Let’s Get Technical

Adaptive Shield’s Data Inventory alerts users when resources are at risk of exposure, preventing data leakage. It tracks every resource, providing at-a-glance visibility into their share settings. At-risk resources are classified as public, meaning they are accessible to anyone, or external, meaning they are shared with users from an outside domain.

Vulnerable files and resources include:

Documents and resources shared publicly with anyone with a link

Documents and resources shared externally with unknown domains

Shared documents and resources that have outlived their business needs

Data Inventory Top Use Cases

Sensitive Document Resource Security

Identify confidential and sensitive documents and resources that are shared with anyone with a link

Publicly Accessible Calendars

Prevent outsiders from accessing videoconference links and passwords, agendas, or conducting social engineering attacks based on calendar information

Discover External Users Accessing Repositories

Monitor which external domains are accessing shared repositories and audit whether those users should have access to those resources

User and Department Board Sharing

See which specific users or departments are sharing boards as a way to detect insider threats or develop resource-sharing policies



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