SaaS Posture by Compliance - Adaptive Shield

Measure SaaS Hygiene Against Compliance Standards

Seamlessly measure compliance of your SaaS stack against industry standards and create a custom standard

Let’s Get Technical

Many organizations are required to follow industry compliance standards, while other organizations develop their own set of standards. Adaptive Shield enables organizations to seamlessly measure compliance of their SaaS stack against industry standards and create a custom standard. There are 11 compliance standards built into the platform, and you can also easily integrate your own policy.
Built-in standards include:

SOC 2 Type 2

ISO/IEC 27001


CIS Microsoft 365 Foundations Benchmark


Security teams can see how each SaaS application’s security settings compare to the different standards. The user interface is designed to mirror compliance requirements, making it easy for users to compare their security posture with their chosen standard.

Users can export PDFs and CSV files for monitoring and reporting purposes.

How This Helps You

Compliance Reporting

Demonstrate SaaS compliance for regulatory bodies, partners, and internal stakeholders

App Compliance

Ensure that specific applications meet required compliance standards

Domain Compliance

Check organizational compliance levels across specific domains, such as Access Control or MFA



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