SaaS Posture by Application - Adaptive Shield

Monitor and Manage SaaS Risks by App

Drill down into the security posture of any app in the SaaS stack and prioritize application configuration weaknesses.

Let’s Get Technical

Adaptive Shield provides a security score for each application so that security managers can identify which apps have a higher level of risk, while individual app owners can focus on securing the data within the applications that they oversee. Adaptive Shield is the only SSPM to integrate with 150+ apps out-of-the-box, and can connect with any application, including custom applications, within your SaaS stack. Users can benchmark and compare the security posture of multiple instances of the same app.

Each app contains the following data:

Hygiene/risk score based on the number of security checks passed and weighted by their severity

Drill down into each check for details and its remediation

Most affected security domains within the app

Compliance-related aspects by application

Number of devices, users, and third-party apps connected to the app

How This Can Help You

Security Prioritization

Make data-driven decisions on the apps that need to be prioritized

App Owner Collaboration

Easily manage and remediate configurations by app together with the app owner by focusing on the application itself

Full Risk Breakdown

Identify risks associated with the specific app by security domain and compliance



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