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Top Security Use Cases


ServiceNow delivers services for IT service, operations management, and all digital workflows for enterprise operations. It improves employee and customer experiences using automation through its low-code and hyper-automation services.

How Adaptive Shield Helps Secure ServiceNow

ServiceNow contains sensitive data, and secures that data through a series of system configurations. However, that data can be exposed and malware can be inserted into the system if the application isn’t configured correctly.

Adaptive Shield automatically reviews each of the application’s security settings in ServiceNow, ensuring that each is set correctly and alerting the team when settings change.

With security checks ensuring access control, data leakage protection, malware prevention, and more, you can count on Adaptive Shield to prevent unauthorized access of your ServiceNow application.

Securing Your Platform

Secure your instance, protect data, and authenticate users
Turn on Single Sign On, require basic authentication for SOAP, and disable passwordless authentication
Limit web service accounts to 10 failed login attempts
Limit file types that can be downloaded
Prevent expired CSRF tokens from identifying and validating incoming requests

Protect against data leakage

Nearly 70% of ServiceNow instances leak data. Take these steps to prevent data leakage
Require basic authentication before users can download Excel files, PDFs, and XML files
Disable ability to expose modules to public without a password
Disable access to attachments by unauthorized users

Prevent Malware from Entering ServiceNow

Ensure that all elements stored within ServiceNow are free from malware
Set escape XML to false to prevent foreign scripts attacks
Restrict dangerous file extensions from being uploaded and downloaded into and out of ServiceNow
Enable usage of CSRF token to prevent cross-site forgery attacks

Ensure Security on Mobile Devices

Secure data appearing on mobile devices
Enable mobile app blurring when the app is not in focus
Blur screenshots taken when the app is in the background

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