SaaS Posture by Domain - Adaptive Shield

SaaS Posture by Security Domain

Users can slice and dice data based on the specific security domain, identifying those areas of risk throughout their SaaS stack.

The Security Domain’s view enables the user to assess their SaaS app posture based on SaaS app configurations and their respective security domains. Each domain’s card includes a score identifying the applications that are most affected. It also shows which compliance frameworks are in violation.

There are 15 domains tracked in the platform, checking for misconfigurations by:

Access Control, Auditing, Data Leakage Protection, Endpoint Protection, Key Management, Malware Protection, MFA, Mobile Security, Operational Resilience, Password Management, Phishing Protection, Privacy Control, Secure Baseline, Spam Protection, Spoofing Protection

How This Can Help You

Improve Visibility Across SaaS Stack

Prioritize and easily manage security aspects based on different domains

Check Against Compliance Standards and Best Practices

Identify domains that negatively impact compliance scores and target for improvement

App-Specific Misconfigurations

Discover which app security postures are most impacted by specific security domains



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