Mitigate Risk from SaaS User Devices

Device-to-SaaS Risk Management

What is Device-to-SaaS Risk Management?

Manage SaaS risks deriving from user devices and prioritize high-privilege users with devices that have poor hygiene, unmanaged and non-compliant devices for a holistic Zero Trust approach.

Holistic Zero Trust Approach

Poor device hygiene of SaaS users poses a major risk. SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) covers Device-to-SaaS risk management and identifies vulnerabilities and security issues in user devices that are accessing the SaaS stack.

Catalog Device Vulnerabilities

See a full list of every device vulnerability (CVE and CVSS) and security posture, to understand the scope of the issue.

Remediate Device Vulnerabilities

Within the listed device vulnerabilities is a step-by-step remediation approach, enabling security teams to improve device hygiene.

Identify Unmanaged Devices

Create security checks to identify devices that are not connected to the endpoint and vulnerability management system.

Discover Out-of-Date Agents

Prevent malware attacks by identifying devices that are using outdated agent versions and enforce company policy.



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