Quickly Fix Security Drifts in Your SaaS Stack

Go beyond identifying misconfigurations with step-by-step remediation instructions or quick-fix capabilities. Business users and security professionals can easily understand the security issue and remediate failed security checks.

Let's Get Technical

The security team and app owner remediation process includes:


Alert the relevant team on any security drift that requires fixing through the platform, over email, or any event management system

Security Check Remediation

Address each misconfiguration with the help of the step-by-step directions

Ticket Creation

Send remediation instructions automatically to app owners or security personnel through a ticketing system of choice or via email


Correspond with your app owners and document notes on a specific security check

How This Can Help You

Optimize Resources

Assign configuration updates to app owners with included step-by-step directions

Upgrade SaaS Security Faster

Make updates without having to research configuration fixes

Close Gaps with Confidence

Follow remediation steps created by our team of SaaS security experts




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