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Top Security Use Cases


Slack is an instant messaging platform that enables users to share files, conduct video calls, and share screens. Slack’s platform is used at all levels of the organization, and can include external users for more effective collaboration.

How Adaptive Shield Helps Secure Slack

Slack’s identity and device management tools ensure that only authorized users can access conversations, while its data protection tools encrypt files at rest and in transit. However, those security features don’t protect anything if they are misconfigured.

Adaptive Shield keeps your content secure by continually reviewing configurations and alerting the security team when content is at risk.

Manage Apps

Prevent third-party appps from accessing your Slack instance
Require approval for any connected third-party application
Prevent users from logging into other applications with their Slack account, which grants permission to view basic profile and workspace information

Guest Access

Control the level of access guest users have
Limit users who can create public channels
Limit guests to a single channel only rather than providing full access
Members can only accept external invitations from verified organizations

Strengthen Sharing Policy

Secure files and prevent data leakage
Disable ability to share files with external users
Block ability to download files on unmanaged mobile devices

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