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Organizations need visibility into their SaaS applications’ security settings, but they also want to limit the number of security monitoring tools within their tech stack.

Who is Datadog?

Datadog is a prominent monitoring and analytics platform widely recognized for its comprehensive approach to cloud-scale infrastructure monitoring. With its intuitive dashboard and advanced analytics tools, Datadog empowers businesses to gain valuable insights into their applications, servers, and networks. By correlating data from various sources, Datadog enables organizations to optimize performance, troubleshoot issues, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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How do we work with Datadog?

Datadog’s integration with Adaptive Shield facilitates security teams in gaining visibility, prioritizing, and responding to SaaS Security configuration drifts directly within the Datadog dashboard. This streamlined approach simplifies incident management for all connected SaaS applications.

This partnership enables security teams to gain visibility, prioritize, and respond to SaaS security configuration drifts reported by Adaptive Shield’s platform within the Datadog dashboard. This allows for easy and streamlined incident management for all connected SaaS apps.
Gilad Walden VP of Product at Adaptive Shield

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