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Salesforce is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software used to support sales, marketing, customer success and channel teams manage data and processes.

How Adaptive Shield Helps Secure Salesforce

Salesforce contains sensitive customer information, and offers different modules that ensure privacy. However, those security features can be overrun by threat actors if the settings within the application are misconfigured.

Adaptive Shield automates reviews of over 125 configurations in Salesforce, ensuring that all configurations are set correctly and alerting users in the event of configuration drifts.

Through these different security checks, you can count on Adaptive Shield to prevent unauthorized access of your Salesforce.

Securing Against Guest Users

Ensure that only authorized external users can access Salesforce
Enforce authentication through a custom domain
Require email confirmations to change an external user’s email address
Remove API permissions for external users for Experience (formerly Community) sites
Disable guest profile API permissions
Alert on any dormant user
SFDC - Securing against external users

Limit Application Access

Control users who can enter into your Salesforce instance
Set up MFA
Set up SSO
Limit number of login attempts
Enforce authentication through custom domain
Limit connected apps API access
Disable guest profile API permissions

Control Public Links

Prevent assets from being shared with anyone using public links
Disable links and content deliveries without password protection
Disable dashboard component snapshots
Prevent community users from sharing links publicly
Hide sensitive information that is contained in the URL

Protect Against Malware

Block Malware Files from Entering Your File Repository
Block users from uploading files whose extensions indicate they may pose a security risk
Disable high-risk file types from being executed in a browser
Prevent guest use file upload
Enable clickjack protection

Manage User Passwords

Protect against password spray and other common password-centric attacks
Set minimum password length
Set password complexity
Prevent password hints from containing the password

Track Multiple Instances of Salesforce

Compare instances of the application from across your organization to identify best practices and upgrade the overall security posture of every Salesforce instance

Govern Permissions and User Access

Gain deep visibility into identity security posture by managing user roles, profiles, permission sets, and native or custom field-level security and object-level security, all in one place.

Monitor User Permissions

Gain full visibility into user entitlements assigned through profiles, permissions sets, and custom permissions.
Manage through a single, integrated dashboard
View users by profile
View permissions by user
Manage all tenants through a unified permission inventory
Monitor User Permissions

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