SaaS Security Checks

A Wealth of Information for Every Check

When viewed across the entire SaaS stack, enterprises can have upwards of hundreds to thousands of settings that must be configured correctly and continuously to limit risk.

Adaptive Shield automatically checks each setting, measuring security against industry benchmarks and company policy before giving each check a pass/fail score. Security teams and app owners can easily identify misconfigurations and follow remediation steps to minimize risk.

Let’s Get Technical

Each security check includes:

Security Domain

Area of the application that the setting impacts, such as Access Control, Data Leak Protection, and Malware Protection

Impact Level

Risk level of the misconfiguration

Affected Users

Users who are affected by the misconfiguration

Current Status


Remediation Plan

Step-by-step instructions to secure the configuration and ticketing process

Reason for Alert

Detailed explanation of the potential risk of the misconfiguration

History Log

Detailed log, including comments about the security check

How This Can Help You

Itemized Security Checks

Each check provides a clear path to harden security posture

Customizable to Your Security Policy

Use out-of-the-box settings or customize policy and severity levels to meet your internal security policy and industry expectations

Accountability Log Journal

Provides an audit trail with user actions and comments



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