Detect and Control 3rd Party Apps

Interconnected & Shadow App Access and Discovery

What are 3rd Party Interconnected & Shadow Apps?

SaaS-to-SaaS risk management, also known as 3rd Party App Discovery, offers visibility into SaaS apps connected to core SaaS hubs and assesses the risk levels of the permissions granted. Whether the app is sanctioned or unsanctioned (a shadow app), an SSPM solution detects the app, verifies its legitimacy, and measures its risk level based on requested scopes and reputation.


SaaS-to-SaaS Access Use Cases

Businesses rely on SaaS applications to improve efficiency and productivity of operations. In an effort to improve functionality, employees don’t think twice before connecting an app to the organization’s SaaS stack, which can pose a high risk to the organization.

App Discovery

Automatically and continuously discover 3rd party app access, connected to your core SaaS stack.

Malicious Application Discovery

Identify malicious applications and gather forensics through the activity monitoring panel. These applications put data at risk of ransomware, theft, and destruction.

Measure Risk Level of Connected Apps

Once connected applications are detected, understand which ones request high-risk scopes, including the ability to edit, write, and delete content, as well as email and share materials.

Dormant App Discovery

Find high-risk applications that have access to the SaaS stack but haven’t been accessed over long periods of time, and may provide a backdoor to the data.



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