Alerts - Adaptive Shield

Stay on Top of Configuration Failures

When SaaS security misconfigurations occur, your data is at risk. The Adaptive Shield platform’s alert system lets security teams and app owners know about configuration drifts as they happen. They can review the changes, evaluate the risk, see which users are impacted, and take appropriate action.

Let’s Get Technical

The Activity Monitor analyzes activities and presents a complete picture of every privileged activity within your SaaS stack.
Security teams can see activity logs of:

Configuration Drift  a configuration changed from pass to fail

Security Check Degradation  an existing failed check that has been degraded

Integration Issue – Adaptive Shield did not integrate with a specific application

Alerts are automatically triggered by changes and delivered to designated personnel over email, Splunk, Slack, Teams, or other preferred communication channels.

How This Can Help You

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Alerts are triggered by actual configuration failures. You can customize existing alerts or create your own logic

Immediate Remediation

High-risk configurations can be prioritized

Clear Call to Action

Security and app teams know exactly what they need to do



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