Role-Based Access Control - Adaptive Shield

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based access control (RBAC) bridges the gap between security teams and app owners by providing specific app access to app owners. App owners can see their SaaS applications and required security checks in order to achieve and maintain a high security posture.

Let’s Get Technical

Security teams can grant app owners access to view and manage only their owned applications within Adaptive Shield based on the following roles:

Scoped User – read-only access to their applications

Scoped Admin – complete access to their applications in which they are able to manage security checks and entities as needed

Scoped User Benefits

Bridge Communication Between Security and Business Departments

Provide a collaboration platform to streamline and centralize communication around security remediation.

Encourage the app owners to be more involved and aware throughout the security process to ensure no business processes are broken while still cooperating with security teams to minimize risks

App Owner Focus

App owners aren’t distracted by the company’s full SaaS stack and can easily work on remediating their own apps

Harden Security Measures

Make sure owners have access only to what should be under their purview for hardened security measures



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