SaaS to SaaS Access

Visibility and Control of Interconnected Apps

Employees often connect SaaS applications to the core SaaS stack to increase productivity without security team approval. These connected apps frequently request high privilege scopes, posing risk to the organization, or may be malicious. Adaptive Shield identifies every connected app, enabling the security team to minimize risks and mitigate threats.

Let's Get Technical

Adaptive Shield detects all 3rd party apps connected to each business-critical SaaS application including M365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Github, your IDP, and more. This includes information on their risk-severity level and the scopes granted, enabling you to automatically block or revoke access based on your policy.

Main capabilities:

Vendor name and verification status

Installation date of the app

Description of the application

Users who gave consent to the app

Scopes granted to the app and their risk severity

Last used date, including a summary of the occurrences in which the apps actualized the scopes

Auto-remediation based on policy

How This Can Help You

Visibility and Full Management of Connected Apps

Measure your risk and attack surface with an unprecedented view into apps connected to your SaaS stack by app, by severity, and more

Malicious App Threat Detection

Discover unknown applications that pose a real threat to your operations and data

Manage Access

Identify those high-risk or irrelevant dormant connected apps and automatically/manually adjust access



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