Permissions Inventory

Monitor All User Permissions from a Single Screen

Discover overpermissioned users, compare user permissions, and conduct user audits

Let’s Get Technical

Adaptive Shield’s Permissions Inventory enables security experts and app administrators to manage all user permissions from a single screen. It captures every permission granted within an application, including group profiles and entitlements given at the individual user level. Security experts achieve an accurate view of the risk stemming from users, and can easily trim permissions to fit company needs and policy.

The Permissions Inventory capabilities include:

View user by profile

View permissions by user

Compare users side-by-side

Manage all tenants in a unified view

Discover active users to offboard

In Salesforce, visibility into users’ entitlements from their Profiles, Permission sets, and Custom permissions

In Workday, visibility into users’ entitlements from their Security Group and Domain

Use Cases

Certification Campaign

Review and validate user permissions to align with the principle of least privilege as part of an annual user audit

Identity Hardening

Discover overprivileged user accounts and remove unnecessary permissions

Privilege Creep Prevention

Continually assess permissions to identify permissions that expand beyond corporate policy

Unified Cross-platform Visibility

Gain insight into user permissions from across the SaaS stack to better understand risk coming from any individual



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