Integration Builder

Secure Every App in the Stack

Secure custom apps, niche apps, and any SaaS application that isn’t integrated out-of-the-box with the Integration Builder. Manage configurations, monitor users, and gain visibility into devices that access your SaaS stack.

Let’s Get Technical

The Integration Builder enables you to achieve full SaaS stack visibility over every application, including on-prem and home-grown apps.

True Visibility into Risk

Quantify security posture for every app in the stack

Implement Robust Identity Security

Manage internal and external users and service accounts to govern access, roles, permissions, and more

Simplified Integration

Connect via REST API

Enrich Threat Detection Data

Monitoring more applications delivers more data to the threat-detection engine

How Can This Help You

Single Dashboard Security

Manage SaaS security for all apps from a single dashboard

Normalize All SaaS App Security

Implement standards and policies that can be applied to all applications equally

Improved Compliance and Reporting

Ensure custom apps meet company compliance standards



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