A WIN for Cloud Security with Adaptive Shield and Wiz

Adaptive Shield has joined Wiz, a leading CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform – which includes CSPM), to provide unprecedented cloud security coverage.

Adaptive Shield Team

It’s easy to confuse CSPM and SSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management and SaaS Security Posture Management). They both secure assets on the cloud, automatically identify misconfigurations, and detect identity-based threats. The difference between the two lies in the areas that they protect. SSPMs secure SaaS applications, while CSPMs secure cloud services, such as AWS or Azure.

The two types of platforms have largely maintained their distinct coverage areas, until now. Adaptive Shield has joined Wiz, a leading CNAPP (Cloud Native Application Protection Platform – which includes CSPM), to provide unprecedented cloud security coverage. The Wiz Integration (WIN) platform improves an organization’s cloud security posture by introducing additional security elements that plug gaps between CNAPP and SSPM and ensure best-in-class security tools for those who subscribe to both Wiz and Adaptive Shield.

The integration enables a flow of security data, including issues, configurations, users, vulnerabilities, inventory, and logs. This wealth of data can be used in any number of ways, including adding more depth to Adaptive Shield’s robust threat detection capabilities.

Mutual customers can use Adaptive Shield to manage Wiz user roles and risks, as well as to secure the Wiz configurations. Adaptive Shield users have a single platform to manage security posture within their SaaS and cloud security environments.  

“This partnership enables security teams to complement CNAPP security with SaaS security, providing security to cloud-based products,” says Hananel Livneh, head of Product Marketing at Adaptive Shield. Additionally, this allows security teams to make sure that the Wiz solution is secure, and detect any misconfigurations or threats to the security platform provided by Wiz.”  

“Organizations are paying particular attention to how they secure their SaaS applications. Joint customers can leverage this integration to use security data provided by Wiz to improve the posture of all their SaaS apps including Wiz. This is a winning combination,” says Oron Noah, Director of Product Management at Wiz.

Getting to Know Wiz

Wiz is a cloud-agnostic, agentless CNAPP designed to comprehensively scan your entire multi-cloud infrastructure, providing complete visibility into all operational aspects.

In addition to its misconfiguration scanning capabilities, Wiz conducts deep analysis of your workloads, presenting a unified perspective that includes:

Stronger Cloud Security

Together, Wiz and Adaptive Shield are raising the bar on cloud security. 

Wiz’s agentless, cloud-agnostic CNAPP ensures that the cloud’s infrastructure is successfully secured and configured. It enables security teams to confidently keep their data and cloud applications secure. 

Adaptive Shield protects SaaS applications and the data they contain from around the web. It conducts thousands of security posture checks, preventing unauthorized access and detecting threats that could compromise an application. 

Wiz and Adaptive Shield provide the security team with the visibility they need to secure their instances and applications in the cloud. 

Through WIN, Adaptive Shield and Wiz provide a fully secured cloud, covering SaaS applications and cloud infrastructures. They tightly weave together the strengths of CNAPP with SSPM, to eliminate misconfigurations and provide seamless security oversight into risks in cloud and SaaS misconfigurations.

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Adaptive Shield Team

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