Adaptive Shield Announces 100 SaaS App Integrations for Comprehensive SaaS Security

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Tel Aviv, November 9, 2022Adaptive Shield, the leading SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) company, today announced it is the first and only SSPM platform to cover 100 SaaS platforms and applications out of the box. Security teams will now be able to gain visibility and control of 100 SaaS apps and automate misconfiguration management, monitor SaaS-to-SaaS access, harden identity and access governance and manage SaaS risks stemming from user devices.

“It’s not enough to cover the core five business-critical apps,” asserts Gilad Walden, VP Product at Adaptive Shield. “While that is the start, an attack can come from any app. Security teams are also flying blind without visibility and control over a critical mass of their SaaS app stack. This is why the depth of security checks offered by each app’s integration is critical. Each of these 100 app integrations has been researched to ensure it provides  comprehensive coverage of the potential threat models.”

Walden continues, “One of our favorite moments is seeing the customer’s reaction when they connect their entire SaaS stack. Instantly — and without any changes to their architecture — they gain deep visibility into all security controls and can finally identify and prioritize any potential threat.”

Adaptive Shield’s approach combats the widespread misunderstanding in the market about how organizations can best secure their SaaS stack and attain strong SaaS governance. Companies are investing  solutions like CASB, manual audits, proprietary solutions, and others yet, their SaaS stacks remain unsecure.

In addition to the breadth, depth and context security teams gain for their SaaS app stack, Adaptive Shield’s flexible architecture enables security teams to keep up with the fast pace of new app releases and integrate on-demand.

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The original PR was released through Business Wire on Nov 9, 2022.

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Adaptive Shield Team

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