Adaptive Shield Named to Cyber 66 List

Adaptive Shield Team

We’re excited to announce that Adaptive Shield has made its debut on the Cyber 66, the Citizens JMP annual list of the hottest privately held cybersecurity companies. The annual survey highlights the 66 most well-positioned companies currently influencing the cybersecurity landscape.

In compiling the 2024 list, the researchers predicted 2024 would continue to be impacted by “high-profile breaches leveraging identity-based attacks.”

“Cybersecurity remains in a constant state of flux, with threat actors, the organizations they target, and the security tools that attempt to be the shield between the two continuously shifting their goals and related strategies,” Trevor Walsh, research analyst at the firm, said in the decision to add Adaptive Shield to the list in 2024. 

Adaptive Shield is a key player in the growing arena of SaaS security, which includes SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) and ITDR categories, with the purpose of safeguarding companies amid the rapid increase in demand for SaaS applications, the report noted.

“We’re excited to be recognized as a leader in cybersecurity innovation at a critical juncture as SaaS becomes mainstream for business-critical activities,” said Maor Bin, CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Shield. “We remain committed to advancing SaaS security to help organizations protect their SaaS attack surface that is increasingly being targeted by sophisticated cyberattacks.”

Adaptive Shield covers more than 150 popular SaaS applications under its platform, enabling streamlined protection, detection, and response across an organization’s entire SaaS stack through Misconfiguration Management, SaaS-to-SaaS Access and Discovery, Identity Security Posture, Device-to-SaaS User Risk Management, and Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR).

The honor follows the additional investment secured by Adaptive Shield in 2023 from Blackstone Innovations Investments, bringing its total capital raised to $44M.

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Adaptive Shield Team

Businesses today run nearly every facet of their operations using a wide array of interconnected SaaS apps. Adaptive Shield’s team is here to keep you informed as well as help you secure your SaaS estate.