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Adaptive Shield Now Offered Through GuidePoint Security

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We’ve partnered with GuidePoint Security, the leading cybersecurity solution provider that helps organizations make better decisions that minimize risk. Through this partnership, GuidePoint Security’s customers have the opportunity to expand their use of SaaS applications while staying secure.

As part of the Security Partner Program, Adaptive Shield’s SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) and Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) solution is available through GuidePoint Security to address the risks associated with the usage of SaaS applications.

“Just like Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is a necessity for cloud infrastructures, SSPM has now become the solution for every organization to implement to prevent and detect threats within SaaS environments,” said Maor Bin, CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Shield. “We look forward to working with GuidePoint Security, a leader in cybersecurity strategy, as Adaptive Shield continues its global expansion to fulfill the growing demand for comprehensive SaaS security.”

“Cyber-attack vectors are expanding across SaaS applications, challenging organizations’ security efforts with a new level of complexity,” said Justin Iwaniszyn, Director, New & Emerging Alliances, GuidePoint Security. “As threat actors become increasingly sophisticated, it’s crucial for organizations to adopt comprehensive SaaS security strategies that effectively mitigate risk across their entire SaaS ecosystem.”

Supporting a portfolio of 150 out-of-the-box SaaS integrations with leading business-critical applications, Adaptive Shield enables organizations to control and manage the security of their entire SaaS stack. Adaptive Shield’s capabilities include:

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