Benchmarks for SaaS Apps: A Guide to Measure Your Company’s SaaS Baselines & Risk

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As organizations work toward securing their SaaS apps, security teams are looking for benchmarks that can help guide their efforts. SaaS ecosystems are growing quickly, and without some standardized tool to measure success, most security teams lack the data to know where they stand.

In our Benchmarks for SaaS Apps series, we’ll share benchmark data for five high-impact security domains. These domains contain thousands of settings, spanning organizational users, applications, and instances. When configured correctly, they limit data access to authorized users, protect against SaaS ransomware, and limit potential breaches.

Each article in this series will cover high-risk configurations in Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce, as well as provide data that can be applied to every app in your SaaS stack.

Top 5 High-Impact SaaS Security Domains

The top five security domains in SaaS are:

  1. Access Control – crucial to protect and complex to manage, this first line of defense needs a vigilant, nuanced approach to protect each app in the SaaS stack
  2. Data Leakage Protection – built-in technology of each SaaS that helps detect and prevent data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data
  3. Malware Protection – ensuring that the built-in controls that protect against malware attacks are configured correctly
  4. Password Management – enforced at the corporate level reduce the gateway into your corporate data
  5. Endpoint/Mobile Security – protects against risks that stem from how devices interact with SaaS apps and data saved locally on devices


Adaptive Shield cybersecurity experts and researchers extracted anonymized data from hundreds of tenants and apps within the Adaptive Shield system.

First up in the series is Access Control!

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Adaptive Shield Team

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