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Measuring SaaS Security by Business Unit, Subsidiary or Team

Hananel Livneh, Head of Product Marketing

Adaptive Shield’s SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) platform has transformed the way organizations secure and monitor their applications. In our latest update, we add a new dimension to improve accountability and reporting – the ability to measure SaaS Security posture by business unit, subsidiary, team, or any other bucket of choice

SaaS applications are used by every department, each of which relies on multiple applications for collaboration, data storage, and getting the job done. SaaS security is unique in the sense that it involves multiple stakeholders across the corporation, working together in an integrated fashion with clear ownership, tracking, and measurement. Adaptive Shield’s platform monitors each user, application, misconfiguration, and connected app that potentially puts SaaS data at risk.

Using the platform, organizations can easily assign applications to different domains for better tracking, including:

Figure 1: A single composite score for each department’s SaaS applications

Stronger Reporting Capabilities

With this new Organization Domain view, Adaptive Shield can easily be used to manage security for independent and semi-independent subsidiaries. It enables department heads to easily report on the security posture of their applications and create benchmarks of excellence based on the corporate division.

Dive Deep Into SaaS Security

The new view provides security and business teams with a wealth of information. It provides an at-a-glance understanding of the state of SaaS security by division. Each domain card includes an overall posture score and a breakdown of the number of apps that fall within posture score ranges. The domain card also shows the number of users, devices, and third-party applications that are connected to the department’s applications.

Nearly every element within a division’s card can be clicked on for a deeper dive. See all the apps included in the domain; drill down into users, devices, and third-party apps; and review security checks to see issues that are impacting posture.

Adaptive Shield’s Commitment to SaaS Security

Adaptive Shield continues to innovate and enhance our SSPM platform. Stay tuned for more updates and we continue to continually develop more features and tools to secure the SaaS stack.

About the writer

Hananel Livneh, Head of Product Marketing

Hananel Livneh is Head of Product Marketing at Adaptive Shield. He joined Adaptive Shield from Vdoo, an embedded cybersecurity company, where he was a Senior Product Analyst. Hananel completed an MBA with honors from the OUI, and has a BA from Hebrew University in Economics, Political science and Philosophy (PPE). Oh, and he loves mountain climbing.