Omdia’s On the Radar Report Covers Adaptive Shield's SSPM Solution - Adaptive Shield

Omdia’s On the Radar Report Covers Adaptive Shield's SSPM Solution

Adaptive Shield is officially On the Radar in Omdia’s report for an innovative solution making a big impact in the SaaS security space.

In the report, Rik Turner, Senior Principal Analyst at Omdia, discusses accelerated cloud adoption, the rapid increase in threats, and ongoing shortage of skilled security professionals, that is driving the cybersecurity world towards more proactive approaches, after a decade in which reactive (detect and respond) ones held sway.

Rik Turner specializes in cybersecurity technology rents, IT security compliances, and call recording. His reports offer insights and analysis on the market evolution to help users determine what kind of technology and vendor they should pursue. Prior to joining Omdia RIk worked as an IT journalist, specializing in networking and security.

Why Put Adaptive Shield on Your Radar?

Rik Turner begins his analysis of Adaptive Shield with:

Adaptive Shield’s SSPM Platform combines proactive, continuous, and automated monitoring capabilities with a built-in knowledge base of compliance standards and benchmarks. Once in place, it delivers visibility into the whole SaaS ecosystem, sending an alert whenever it detects a security misconfiguration. Security issues can be fixed  automatically, or a ticket can be created for the customer’s security team, with detailed remediation steps.

By taking a close up look at the platform, Rik examines how the uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to query the apps and build a picture of the customer’s SaaS estate, highlighting misconfigurations, mistakes in set-up, and excessive access permissions.

The customer’s security team is provided with a user interface in which they can view how effectively each of their security controls, such as access control or their endpoint security platform, is addressing the vulnerabilities Adaptive Shield is detecting, with the ability to filter their view by app, security control, or compliance requirement, for instance.

With every SaaS application is a world unto itself each with its own API, Rik emphasizes the importance of an SSPM solution that is able to integrate a variety of apps. SaaS security

Future Plans

As Rik sees it, while Adaptive Shield is currently staying within the walls of the SSPM market segment, it plans to broaden its offering and enhance SaaS security by looking at the device posture of the app user and 3rd party app discovery. He predicts part of this will come through partnerships with other security vendors, such as those in endpoint security and vulnerability management. As the SSPM market continues to grow, so is it expected of Adaptive Shield.

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