Top 7 SaaS Security Activities at RSA 2023

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It’s that time of the year, when RSA brings together leaders and visionaries from across the cybersecurity world. During these four days, visitors gain insight, join conversations, and experience solutions that make an impact on their business and career. From live sessions and parties to games and demos galore, RSA packs it all. That being said, there’s a lot to choose from and only so many hours in the day. That’s why we have gathered a list of the top 7 activities for the SaaS security aficionados to hit at RSA 2023.

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1. Enterprise Identity Security vs Identity Access

With the world of cybersecurity changing so rapidly, it’s often difficult to keep up with new attack vectors and terminology. Two vastly different topics but often referred to  interchangeably are IAM and identity security. That’s why Derek Melber, VP of Product Engagement and Outreach at QOMPLX is hosting a roundtable to dive deeper into the difference between the two.

2. Unveiling The Truth – A Case Study on Zero Trust for Consumers

Microsoft’s Principal Product Manager, Shinesa Cambric, takes to answering the question: Is it possible to apply Zero Trust to billions of consumer identities while simultaneously addressing the challenges of growing a business and preventing fraud? Through this case study, attendees will learn about the challenges faced and lessons learned when balancing user experience and protection while simultaneously introducing friction to prevent and detect malicious actors.

3. Adaptive Shield’s Fun Fair

Adaptive Shield is bringing the Fun Fair all the way to RSA at booth #1449. Our experts will demonstrate the Adaptive Shield Platform and cover use cases like misconfiguration management, SaaS-to-SaaS access discovery and control, Device-to-SaaS user risk management, Identity and Access Governance, and Identity and Threat Detection and Response (ITDR).

4. Exposure Management: The Rise of Proactive Cybersecurity Platforms

Vulnerabilities in the attack surface are everywhere, yet most of today’s approach to threat management is reactive-focused. Nico Popp, Chief Product Officer at Tenable, criticizes the emphasis placed on detecting and containing threats instead of preventing them in the first place. This session will delve into how exposure management delivers unified visibility, context-driven prioritization, and risk-based metrics as the foundation for tomorrow’s preventive security.

5. The ’Future of Work’(in Cybersecurity) Is Probably Not What Folks Think

In the past ten years, organizations have adopted and come to depend on SaaS apps and other technologies to keep their businesses successful. However as business tools evolve, so does their risk. David Foote, Chief Analyst and Research Officer at Foote Partners, dives into the challenges of the conventional thinking about the ‘Future of Work’, presenting an alternative view from deep insights gained from 4,100 employers.

6. FOMO Party

RSA FOMO Party 2023

Everyone deserves a little fun at the end of a hard day’s work which is why Adaptive Shield is the title sponsor of the FOMO party. This afterparty will have great music and scrumptious  food. The FOMO party is definitely the place to be. Don’t miss your chance to attend THE afterparty at RSA, register now.

7. How to Adapt to Security Changes in Cloud SaaS Transformation

It’s a known fact that everyone is moving to the cloud. The conversation has shifted from the “battle” to the transformation of the cloud. The largest benefit of moving to the cloud is security, and the advantages are clear compared to the on-premise environments. This session, led by Orcale’s Senior Vice President David Cross, will cover not only the advantages, but more importantly how to compare and evaluate the on-premise security posture to the next generation SaaS cloud environment in a detailed framework.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…

For anyone attending RSA interested in SaaS security, or even those who are not, these 7 activities are sure to provide insights into today’s market and available solutions. Make sure to visit booth #1449 to experience the Adaptive Shield Fun Fair and try your hand to win a carnival-worthy prize. Also, schedule a meeting with one of our experts for a customized look into how you can gain control over your SaaS stack .  We look forward to seeing you there!

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