‍2023 SaaS-to-SaaS Access Report

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Uncovering the Risks & Realities of Third-Party Connected Apps

In the rush to efficiency and productivity, businesses have adopted SaaS apps to handle much of the heavy lifting. However, employees don’t realize that this SaaS-to-SaaS connectivity, which typically takes place outside the view of the security team, increases risk in a significant way.

Adaptive Shield’s researchers analyzed anonymized data from hundreds of tenants to discover the current state of SaaS-to-SaaS access to better understand the challenges it brings.

Among the report’s findings:

Organizations with an average of 10,000 employees that use M365 and Google Workspace average over 4371 extra connected apps beyond the view of the security team

The number of connected apps increases significantly in relation to the number of employees.

39% of apps connected to M365 and 10% to Google Workspace have ‘high-risk’ permission access.

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