55% improvement in SaaS Security posture significantly lowered data breach risk for enterprise using Adaptive Shield

Case Study: $10B Enterprise Customer Drastically Increased SaaS Security with 201% ROI in Less than 6 Months

The 2024 Forrester Consulting TEI study, commissioned by Adaptive Shield, is based on data from the customer experience of a global corporation with an annual revenue of over $10 Billion USD. The organization is undergoing rapid SaaS adoption across business-critical applications and has adopted Adaptive Shield’s SSPM platform in order to control and manage the security of their entire SaaS ecosystem.

The model Forrester designed to determine this ROI includes elements of SaaS Security score, operational efficiency against costs of a data breach like lost employee productivity, lawsuits and settlements, and regulatory fines over three years.

Download this study to learn how the customer gained:

More than 30% improvement in SaaS security posture score in the first year.
70% improvement in misconfiguration detection efficiency. Automating SaaS configuration management and remediation improved the efficiency of the process.
A savings of 90% of labor efforts in compliance management, according to the organization’s security goals and priorities.
Adaptivity to new SaaS Security trends and emerging security needs.
Increased collaboration between business and security teams. SaaS visibility enhances collaboration and trust.

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