Additional Terms for AWS Marketplace Customers

A.S. Adaptive Shield Ltd. a company organized under the laws of Israel, together with Adaptive Shield Inc., a company organized under the laws of the State of Delaware, hereinafter “Adaptive Shield,” “us,” “our,” or “we.” When we use the term “you,” we mean the company or organization using our Services.

The following terms (“Additional Terms“) shall apply in addition to and without derogating from our standard Terms of Service (“Terms“), available at In the event of a conflict between the Terms and these Additional Terms, these Additional Terms shall govern to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency. All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms.
If you purchased a subscription to our Solution through the AWS Marketplace, the following terms shall apply:

Fees and Payment. In exchange for using our Solution through a Standard Plan (defined below), you will us the fees specified on our AWS Marketplace page. If you have executed a Private Offer (defined below) with us, you will pay us the fees specified in the applicable Private Offer. Payments shall be made on an annual basis, in advance of the applicable year. Adaptive Shield reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to our Solution if you fail to make timely payments in accordance with this section. ‍

AWS Marketplace. All payments shall be made through AWS Marketplace and may be subject to terms and conditions governing the use of AWS Marketplace’s payment processing service. Please review AWS Marketplace’s terms and conditions and privacy notice before using such payment processing service. Should the agreement between Adaptive Shield and AWS Marketplace terminate for any reason, payments shall be made directly to us. ‍

Taxes. Where applicable, taxes, including VAT, may also be charged. If payments are subject to tax withholding, the amount to be withheld will be added to the fees charged. You are responsible for any taxes that may accrue to you from your use of the Solution during the Term. ‍

Cancellations and Refunds. If you purchased a subscription for our Standard Plan, you may cancel your subscription within 48 hours and receive a full refund. If you cancel your subscription after 48 hours, we will not refund any prepaid fees. You shall solely bear any and all costs associated with your cancellation. To request a cancellation, please email us at [email protected]. Please note that fees for Private Offers are nonrefundable.‍

Private Offers. We offer a standard subscription plan on AWS Marketplace (which we’ll refer to as our “Standard Plan“) but we also provide individualized packages, tailored to fit the needs for each customer, called a “Private Offer“. If you would like to learn more about our Private Offers or to get a quote, email us at [email protected].

If you have already purchased a subscription to our Solution through AWS Marketplace, we may notice that the Standard Plan is not optimal for your business. In such a case, we reserve the right to contact you and make you a Private Offer. If you accept the Private Offer, we reserve the right to cancel your original subscription. ‍

Prohibited Countries. We honor all applicable import, re-import, sanctions, anti-boycott, export, and re-export control laws, such as the Export Administration Regulations, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and economic sanctions programs implemented by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. If you are located in a country sanctioned under any of the above laws, we hereby rescind any offers to use our Solution, including any offers made on or through AWS Marketplace. If you are located in a sanctioned country and have already subscribed to our Solution, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your account.

Last Updated: May 2023