Maor Bin

CEO & Co-Founder
A former cybersecurity intelligence officer in the IDF, Maor has over 16 years in cybersecurity leadership. In his career, he led SaaS Threat Detection Research at Proofpoint and won the operational excellence award during his IDI service. Maor got his BSc in Computer Science and is CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Shield. Oh and he is a globally-ranked chess player.

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Maor Bin

Analyzing the Forrester Wave™: SaaS Security Posture Management, Q4 2023

Proud to be named a Strong Performer, Forrester’s Wave Report acknowledges Adaptive Shield’s capabilities. Within this blog post, Maor Bin analyzes the report, highlighting some of its findings and opening avenues for discussion.

Ensuring Business Continuity in Times of War

At Adaptive Shield, our commitment to our team as well as to our customer’s business continuity are unwavering. This blog aims to shed light on the measures we are taking to ensure business continuity during these uncertain times.

SaaS Rootkit Exploits Hidden Rules in Microsoft 365

A vulnerability within Microsoft's OAuth application registration allows an attacker to create hidden forwarding rules that act as a malicious SaaS rootkit.

The Next Trends In SaaS Security

As the investment in SaaS apps continues, new critical SaaS challenges emerge beyond the classic use case of misconfiguration and user permissions management, such as SaaS-to-SaaS access and device-to-SaaS-user posture management. This blog will give a brief overview of the trends in SaaS security.

Using Zoom? Stay Secure With These 12 Tips

During mandatory Work From Home situations, business communication and productivity are major factors of success.

Ransomware Through SaaS: The New Frontier

When threat actors decide to target your SaaS applications, they can use more basic to the more sophisticated methods. In this blog, I’m going to take you through a SaaS ransomware attack and discuss the 3 steps to protect yourself from being a victim.

How Were 38 Million Records Exposed from Microsoft’s Power Apps?

More than 38 million records from entities that rely on Microsoft's Power Apps portals platform were exposed due to a SaaS misconfiguration. Read about the how and why in this post.

Top 5 Attacks in Commonly Used SaaS Apps

Remember when cybersecurity was mostly about firewalls, VPNs, and antivirus software? Those days are long gone. Now one of the most prevalent places for exploitation has to do with misconfigurations found in an organization's SaaS apps.

Extending Complete Control Across SaaS Applications With Adaptive Shield

As security professionals who have spent more than a few years in the industry, we know a good challenge when we see one.

Account Takeovers (ATOs): Why They Happen, What Organizations are Doing to Prevent Them, And Why it's Not Enough

Account takeovers pose a significant threat to organizations. Learn what works--and what doesn't work--to prevent them.

Prevent Unwanted Guests in Your Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes can create security risks. Learn how you can easily minimize these risks and reduce mailbox misconfigurations across your organization.

SaaS Attacks: Lessons from Real-Life Misconfiguration Exploits

There is a way to protect users from deceptive OAuth apps, misconfigurations and misappropriated user permissions. SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) takes an automated approach to tracking, and even remediating, the exploitable misconfigurations in organizations’ SaaS apps.

Why SaaS Security is So Hard

For enterprise organizations, ensuring that all the SaaS apps are configured properly and have the correct user roles and privileges is not only a never-ending, time-consuming endeavor, but an impossible one. Here is a rundown of the main issues security teams face that make SaaS security complex, laborious and just...hard.
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